Tell If A Purse Is Fake

One of the biggest problems in the designer purse industry comes from individuals, or even whole companies that make a living off selling fake purses. In fact, they often are so well crafted that it is very difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.

For instance, someone I know works at a factory Coach outlet and she was telling me about a Coach wallet that was returned to the store. The manager inspected the wallet to ensure authenticity and after the customer left, handed the wallet to my her to have it put back on the floor. It was at this point when the wallet was more closely inspected on the inside that the lining in one of the flaps was slightly coarser and brittle than the authentic wallets are. Needless to say, had that feature not been spotted, the wallet would have probably passed on to some other customer with them thinking they had a real designer item.

The movement of imitating designer items, especially purses, has always been around, but became increasingly popular when a few select celebrities glorified it in the media. Since then, the trend slacked off as more people can afford name-brand and the celebrities typically get one or two new purses for free if they promote the new line. However, the fake purse industry is still going strong and will as long as they are able to find new ways to distribute their wares.

Things To Look For

Location – One very obvious way to tell if a purse is fake is the location it was purchased. If you bought it off the street in a city such as New York, perhaps China Town, then you can be sure that it is probably a knock off. It might be very possible that the purse could be real if the person selling it has someone working in the distribution of that designer’s purse, however it is not likely that this is the case.

Names – Another very obvious way that just screams “fake” is the name of the designer. This is not as common as it use to be, but there are still a number of products that get more openly marketed, even legally, as knock offs of designer goods. In this instance, they will use easily mistaken names on their products.

Material – One of the hardest features of a fake purse to recognize is the material. Some materials, stitching, patterns, etc. are easier or harder to distinguish than others. This is because the fake purse will originally be bought at a factory store, or directly from the designer, taken home or to the business it will be duplicated from, and then returned or kept for future duplications. This way, the person duplicating the item will know exactly how to model their fake purse or handbag.

The Internet and Purse Parties have made the distribution of fake purses and handbags increasingly harder to detect. This is because you are placing your faith in the honesty of the seller. With the Internet, purchasing items off of EBay is a little more legit as you can read the descriptions of past sells. However, at Purse Parties, you often know the person you may buy a purse from, they may not even know that the purse they are trying to sell is a fake. However, with a little discretion and some common sense, you can be a good bit wiser in your spotting of fakes.